Welcome to my website!

I’m a master’s student at the Technical University of Munich, who’s interested in bringing formal methods into practice. I have a broad research interest, ranging from model checking and game theory to privacy preserving technologies like federated learning.

Things that I did

Formal Methods

As a Research Assistant (+3 years), I maintained and developed dtControl, an open-source tool for representing symbolic controllers as decision trees and Automata Tutor, an online educational tool for automata theory and formal languages which is currently used by +50 universities across 5 continents.

Machine Learning

Led various research and software development roles at TUM, Vay and IABG. Other projects included developing a Swift SDK for the federated learning framework Flower, or teaching +100 students in two courses, twice a year, hands-on software engineering and machine learning at TUM.

Things that I’m currently doing

Right now, I’m at the University of Oxford, working on probabilistic verification with a focus on game theory. In particular, I’m interested in leveraging signals and their impact in correlation games.